Problems with Bell-Aliant fibre-op?

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Problems with Bell-Aliant fibre-op?

Frank Geitzler
I am running Ubuntu 16.04 on a HP-Compaq netbook about six years old,
and have a Bell-Aliant fibre-op router about twenty-five feet away from
my desk, at the other end of my basement (almost line-of-sight).  I have
had a wi-fi stability problem over the past month or two, but it is
intermittent.  Sometimes I can be connected for hours (not necessarily
online, although my email is usually open) with no problem, but
sometimes my connection will go down, and I will be prompted to enter my
16-digit wpa password. Last evening it happened six times over a
20-minute timeframe. Even more annoying, there is no audible warning,
the pop-up demand for the password captures control of the screen, and
since I am a touch-typist and may not be looking at the proper screen (I
have a larger auxiliary screen closer to my chair) I may accidentally
type into the password field and press enter -which means I have to
re-enter and save the proper password.  Needless to say, that can be a
real nuisance.

The hardware in my laptop may be wearing out, or there may be a problem
with the wi-fi portion of the fibre-op router.  I could ask Bell-Aliant
to replace the router (probably a service charge), or I could take the
system to a shop -but I don't have Windows on the system, and I don't
know any shops who work with Linux software.  Are there are any Linux
monitoring facilities which can monitor signal strength, log any
warnings, etc.?  Has anyone else had problems of this nature?

Hope to see you at Uncommon Grounds Monday evening.


Frank Geitzler

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