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HTML/CSS presentation on Wednesday

Oliver Doepner
Hi all,

Last month at the HCC meeting, we explored Github pages as a free and version-managed webspace option.

This month's presentation on Wednesday will focus on actually building a simple static website like my personal "resume" website at, mostly using HTML and CSS.

The presentation will not be about professional web application development, javascript, php, java or any web application frameworks.

Depending on what the audience is interested in, we can focus in on certain details, like
  • How to reuse identical HTML components, like a navigation menu, on multiple pages without copy/paste, javascript or framesets
  • Separation of concerns between HTML (structure) and CSS (appearance)
  • How to easily check your HTML and CSS for standards compliance¬†
  • How to use Google Web Fonts

As web development tools I can show
Besides that, we could touch on select topics from my blog that are related to HTML and CSS, as you can see here:
  • CSS styled buttons
  • Simple "accordion" component (no javascript)
  • Simple drop-down menus (no javascript)
  • Drop-down lists presented as buttons states (using a little jquery)

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