GeoIP free databases and Geo::IP

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GeoIP free databases and Geo::IP

francis picabia

The packages geoip-database in Debian and
GeoIP-GeoLite-data in Redhat/CentOS
rely on static databases which are no longer being updated.

All I need from this is a quick way on the shell to look up
a country from an IP.

On Debian I could do that with geoiplookup
On Redhat/CentOS I could do that with a small perl script using Geo::IP

These tools still work, but the accuracy is drifting off over time.

I could make my own script solution around calls to
but I can't be the only one looking into this issue.  Surely someone has
figured out something to do this well that gets that good ol' 1000 eyeballs treatment.

Has anyone encountered something like Geo::IP which will work against
the other free resources?  Or has anyone encountered a solution
which will work against the new GeoIP databases available by subscription
from Maxmind, the previous supplier of the free GeoLite DB?

Something like this done in a script would work:

wget -qO -$IP | awk -F, '{print $3}'

It is limited to 10,000 lookups per hour.

Is there something better?

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