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Confession & apology

Ben Armstrong-2
I must confess I wrote off too quickly a strong statement made here
recently as self-serving and countered it with a response that was very
clearly self-serving while claiming the opposite. I then went on, appearing
to model tolerance, but at the same time exhibiting an intolerance to
making any kind of strong statement against the ills of modern life &
entities that threaten to continue to push things in the wrong direction.
In doing so, I gave off the an alarming appearance of lacking any moral
centre of my own. I would not fault anyone who saw me as nothing but a a
self-righteous hypocrite who presumed to speak for a group he has for some
time failed to engage with, relinquishing any claim to be its spokesperson.

So to the particular individuals I treated poorly, both at present and in
the past in this group, I apologize. You all deserve better. I endeavour to
redress these wrongs if and when the impulse strikes me to re-engage with
the group again.


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