Abstract for the presentation on Wed Sept 26th

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Abstract for the presentation on Wed Sept 26th

Oliver Doepner
Hi all,

The topic for tomorrow is

"Agile Software Development using Debian laptop, Free/Open Source tools and free cloud services (github/travis/bintray)"

I am planning to show how I use those cloud services when I develop Open Source software.

The sample project is a Java based game (https://github.com/odoepner/bagh-chal). It does not really matter what it does, as it will serve more as an example for
  • a codebase on github that I can commit/push changes to
  • that triggers an automated build and test process on travis-ci
  • that results in an updated executable on bintray

My preferred tool for making the code changes is Intellij Community Edition, combined with OpenJDK Java 8 and the git command-line tools, on a laptop running Debian stable.

The intent is to give a glimpse at the kind of FLOSS tool-chain available today to Open Source software developers.

I am planning to demonstrate the full cycle of adding one feature to the game software, from creating the github issue, to writing a unit test to making the code changes, commit/push and then running the updated executable jar, hopefully by someone in the audience.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night

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